Portland Family Dentistry Visits Local Schools

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Here at Portland Family Dentistry, we love all aspects of dentistry. One of the most enjoyable activities we participate in is visiting local schools. A few years ago, Dr. Agee commissioned a local artist to build a set of three large-scale teeth – something that could be transported to local classrooms and used to show children how to take care of their teeth and gums. We consider it an honor to share with children the joy of brushing and flossing.

Recently, Dr. Agee visited a Kindergarten class at Vernon School. The children were all very impressed with the set of giant teeth! Dr. Agee does a 30-minute interactive dental lesson with the kids. The goal is to get them comfortable with the idea of visiting the dentist as well as promoting dental health education.

If you are in NE Portland and would like Dr. Agee to encourage good dental health at your child’s school, please let us know!

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