Restorative Dentistry

Dentist in Portland, OregonTooth-Colored Composite Fillings

While metal alloy fillings have been long lasting and quality restorations in dentistry for many years, there are other options. Using tooth-colored composite filling material, Dr. Agee can restore old, stained, and failing restorations and provide a whiter, more natural smile. Properly placed composite fillings can last for years and provide a good alternative to metal filling materials.


tooth Dentist in Portland, Oregon Dental Crowns

Over time teeth can become damaged from trauma, decay, cracks, fractures, and failing restorations. When this happens, often the solution is a full coverage restoration such as a crown. Crowns protect the further destruction of already traumatized and fragile teeth, and restore both function and esthetics.

At Portland Family Dentistry, we use only the highest quality laboratories and materials for our restorations. Whether the crown is a high noble, wonderfully biocompatible gold crown, or a very natural looking all ceramic restoration, we will make sure it fits beautifully and looks great.


Root Canal Treatment

There are three primary reasons why you may need to get a root canal:

  • To stop any toothache.
  • To prevent the bacteria (and pain) from spreading into the jaw.
  • To keep your natural tooth instead of extracting it in favor of an implant, bridge, denture, or open space.

Dr. Agee wants you to understand that not seeking treatment can lead to more serious oral health problems. The root canal is a channel that runs from the root of a tooth in the bone toward the pulp chamber located in the top of the tooth. It contains nerves, blood vessels, and complex cells that make up the living tissue inside the tooth. When the tissue in the pulp chamber gets infected with bacteria, it causes the tissue to die and an infection begins.

A little crack or the first stages of decay is all your tooth needs to let bacteria in and work its way toward the pulp. Dr. Agee will inform you that with the pulp tissue inflamed, it becomes more difficult for the blood flow to reach the tissue, so the accumulated pressure is what causes the most noticeable pain inside your tooth.

Luckily, as a premiere dentist in Northeast Portland, Dr. Agee has a high level of expertise coupled with the most advanced endodontic technology. He has taken many hours of specialized training to perform more efficient and painless root canal treatments.\\


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