Retain Natural Teeth With Root Canal Therapy

As an experienced Portland dentist, Dr. Travis Agee understands that the words “root canal” are often enough to send many patients running for Mt. Hood.

However, advances in dental care have made root canal procedures a nearly painless and anxiety-free experience. 

At Portland Family Dentistry, your treatment and trust are priorities, and we perform root canal procedures in-house. 

There are three primary reasons why you may need to get a root canal:

  • To stop toothache.
  • To prevent bacteria (and pain) from spreading into the jaw.
  • To keep your natural tooth instead of extracting it in favor of an implant, bridge, denture, or open space

"Patients get fed up when their dentist constantly outsources their care. It often slows down the care / treatment process and increases the patient's anxiety. It's part of our job to build a relationship of trust around our patient's dental care, so I avoid creating a situation where my patients face anxiety about their dental care because of outsourcing a procedure."

Why Are Root Canals Recommended?

No technology beats your natural teeth, so where possible, we help patients keep damaged teeth using modern root canal treatment.

A root canal is recommended when the soft inner part of a tooth is injured, inflamed, or infected.

Even if your tooth looks healthy, the interior tissue can decay, causing problems. Removing the injured or infected material inside the tooth is the best way to preserve the structure of the tooth.

Common causes of damage to the tooth tissue (pulp) include:

  • deep decay due to an untreated cavity
  • multiple dental procedures on the same tooth
  • a chip or crack
  • a tooth injury (like being hit in the mouth)

Not seeking treatment can lead to more serious oral health problems. 

FAQ About our Portland Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal therapy, also known as Endodontic Therapy, is a dental procedure where the infected or inflamed tissue within your tooth (pulp) is removed.

The root canal is a channel that runs from the root of a tooth in the bone toward the pulp chamber located in the top of the tooth. It contains nerves, blood vessels, and complex cells that comprise the living tissue inside the tooth. 

When the tissue in the pulp chamber gets infected with bacteria, it causes the tissue to die, and an infection begins. A little crack, or the first stages of decay is all your tooth needs to let bacteria in and work its way toward the pulp.

When the pulp tissue is inflamed, it becomes more difficult for the blood flow to reach the tissue, so the accumulated pressure is what causes the most noticeable pain inside your tooth.

Dentists and Endodontists can perform root canals for their patients. 

Dr. Agee, your premiere NE Portland Dentist, has a high level of expertise coupled with the most advanced endodontic technology. He has received many hours of specialized training to perform more efficient and painless root canal treatments.

Yes. Root Canals are a common procedure and a standard practice to help save infected teeth. More than 15 million root canals are performed in the U.S annually.

The only other way to relieve the pain and discomfort you are experiencing that is contributing to your dentist’s recommendation of a root canal, is to extract the tooth. 

This is typically a last resort, as most dentists recommend trying to save the natural tooth to retain proper oral functions.

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is the best way to avoid the need for a root canal. Regular brushing, flossing, and visits to your NE Portland dentist, can help to keep your smile healthy.